Story last updated at 3:27 p.m. Thursday, October 31, 2002

You can lead a bear to the shower
A black bear in the Thane area of Juneau eventually made itself too much at home this week.

Suey Linzmeier was taking some items to her freezer when she found a bear in her woodshed. When she ran out one of the doors, it followed her toward the house and found an open door leading to the kitchen. It then wandered into the bathroom.

"While he was in the bathroom I could hear him getting into the shower stall and wiggling around, and then I heard him drink out of the toilet," she said. "And after he was done drinking out of the toilet, he wiggled into the shower some more and turned on the shower. Later on, when I had gone in after he left the house, I realized he wiped his face on my husband's bathrobe."

The bear eventually made his way out of the house, avoiding the parrot in the kitchen and two dogs, and ignoring freshly baked pinwheels on the kitchen counter.

The next week the bear's aggressive side got the best of him.

Bill Corbus, also of the Thane area, heard his dogs barking one evening, went outside and heard a "terrible squeal."

"I saw the bear had ahold of the dog by the head," he said.

He found a shotgun and shot the bear with buckshot, but the bear continued carrying the dog away.

Corbus then got a hunting rifle and followed the bear up the driveway.

"I waited, and sure enough, the bear appeared carrying the dog. I shot a couple of times and hit the bear."

After killing the bruin, Corbus called the police and took his dog to the veterinarian.

The dog is recovering, and neighbors in the area are regretfully relieved.

"It made me feel like I was a prisoner in my house," said resident Clara Sperl. "When I heard that bear was dead, I had a good night's sleep."

--Juneau Empire