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Story last updated at 1:50 PM on Wednesday, October 26, 2011

2010 halibut charter catch drops

The 2010 halibut charter harvest estimates dropped compared to 2009, according to new information released by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game last week. According to the latest estimates, in Area 3A, including Homer and Cook Inlet, guided sport fishermen caught 177,460 fish weighing 2.7 million pounds total, with an average weight of about 15 pounds. That's 950,000 pounds under the guideline harvest limit of 3.6 million pounds set by the International Pacific Halibut Commission — the third year the charter catch has been under the GHL.

In Southeast Alaska, Area 2C, the charter harvest also dropped to 1 million pounds, down 200,000 pounds from 2009 estimates. Area 2C exceeded the GHL of 788,000 by almost 300,000 pounds, however.

The nonguided sport halibut catch in 3A was 1.6 million pounds, for a total sport halibut catch of 4.2 million pounds total. Most halibut were caught in Cook Inlet, with a total charter catch of 1.7 million pounds.

In Area 2C, the nonguided sport halibut catch also dropped, down to 885,000 pounds for 2010 compared to 1.1 million pounds for 2009.