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Story last updated at 3:54 PM on Wednesday, October 26, 2011

No need for aerial wolf control

To Alaska Board of Game members:

I am writing in regards to proposal numbers 35 and 36 which would allow aerial wolf control in Units 15A and 15C. I see no biological justification for aerial wolf control in either game management unit.

In Unit 15A, research has shown that poor habitat quality is affecting the nutritional status of cow moose and consequently calf production. Management in that unit should focus on improving habitat quality through the use of controlled burns rather than on predator control within the small area outside of the Kenai Wildlife Refuge where aerial hunting isn't prohibited.

In area 15C, it is my understanding that stricter moose hunting regulations have already been effective in meeting the management objectives for moose population and harvest numbers. Furthermore, wolf population size and distribution in Unit 15C is not well known, which argues against the wisdom of aerial hunting of these animals.

Aerial wolf control in these management units is unnecessary, ill-advised, and would almost certainly be ineffective in achieving or sustaining moose population objectives. I urge you to reject proposals 35 and 36.

Lisa Climo

Anchor Point