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Story last updated at 3:49 PM on Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Instead of talking about signs, let's deal with some real problems

So many things to talk about.

Let's talk about signs and traffic in general.

I read with amusement the article where the signs around town were being debated.

The size of a sign, a business only allowed to have so many square feet of signage on their building, (kind of makes you wonder just who the building belongs to), sandwich boards, vehicles, (if I have a business sticker on my truck, do I have to move it every four hours?) etc.

Instead of worrying about the size of a sign that is attached to private property or set next to the sidewalk to advertise a sale or an event, or how big a political sign can or cannot be, let's worry about visual roadblocks that actually create traffic problems.

Ever left the high school past the cop-shop and tried to see past the bushes and trees at the corner of the fire department? Ever tried to make a left turn from Pioneer onto the Sterling? Then you have to deal with some "brain-iac" that thought a big concrete curb in the middle of a state highway was a good idea. What a doofus.

Then we can deal with drivers that want to make a left turn and are halfway across the opposing lane.

Now, go up the Sterling and look at the new reflective posts, most are 30 feet off the shoulder. What are they thinking? If it's snowing and blowing, you might think it's the side of the road. Evidently, someone decided it was a good idea to entice people to drive off the road. There is no logic to this one.

While there are better things to do with their time, the city needs to worry about signs?

Yay, team.

Phil Celtic