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Story last updated at 3:53 PM on Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Effort aims at return to democracy

The Occupy Wall Street movement is an attempt to return the United States to democracy, after 30 years of Bush-Reagan Fascism. In addition to destroying the U.S. economy with reverse Robin Hood policies, Dick Cheney spent 30 years prostituting the U.S. intelligence system to ignore terrorism until 2001, to justify the worthless National Missile Defense System. This funneled money to plutocrats and oligarchs who contributed their ill-gotten gains back to fascist politicians. Dick and Dumbya then wasted more tax dollars on so-called counter terrorism, after allowing the 9-11 attacks to happen, then lying about WMDs in Iraq.

But the piece-de-resistance of Bush-Reagan Fascism was packing the U.S. Supreme Court with their five fascist prostitute Justice majority. This allowed Dick and Dumbya to take power in 2000 and allows fascists to buy elections into the foreseeable future under the infamous "Citizen United" decision.

I am once again running for Congress, perhaps with help from the 99 percent of citizens who have gotten the short, dirty end of the economy and justice system during 30 years of Bush-Reagan Fascism.

Frank Vondersaar