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Story last updated at 6:09 PM on Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Group seeks fair justice system

Citizens of Alaska Truth, Justice and Reconciliation commission meets today from 4-6 p.m. at the Homer Public Library. Our mission is a fair justice system under the Constitution. Our work thus far includes listening to citizen accounts of unfair treatment by the police/court/jail system, communicating with law enforcement, and encouraging citizens to make written reports.

At this meeting Larry Slone will report on his analysis of Homers Police Policy Manual. We will also be addressing the continuing problem citizens report: when they try to submit a written complaint to the Homer police, they are discouraged by certain ill-natured police officers. (We notice the Homer police force also includes many good-natured individuals.)

We have been studying Glenn Greenwalds book, With Liberty and Justice for Some. This book details Americas two-tiered justice system, with two very different tracks for rich and poor. Here in Homer, we notice a pattern of cultural discrimination by certain police officers against those who think and dress differently. We think regardless of what is going on in the lower 48, Homers justice system should be impartial and constitutional.

Some citizens who support our work and have genuine grievances are reluctant to attend our meetings for fear of surveillance. Personally, I refuse to participate in a fear-based system. Having been outspoken for decades, I figure everything I do and say is monitored. I do my best to provide a good show of beautiful music and educational thoughts. Besides, it seems redundant to fear surveillance when our Creator knows everything we do and say.

If you have a story to share, a report to make, want to support the Constitution, or are just curious, you are cordially invited to our meeting. No law enforcement officers have been invited, this is a citizens only meeting. And if government agents are listening in, lets offer them uplifting thoughts.

Lindianne Sarno, secretary

Citizens of Alaska Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission