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Story last updated at 6:09 PM on Wednesday, October 24, 2012

U.S. sinking closer to the bottom

Apparently we have not reached bottom like other countries being forced down by NATOs corrupt military interventions. However, this nation is close to utter complete moral decay. For years mafia governments have been working over time, gaining control over other humans. Ordinary American citizens are clueless to the sociopath herders and the destructive educational programming that leads us in circles on Big Pharma diets.

Not Obama nor Romney have the citizens well-being as their true incentive goals. Whoever gets the most campaign funding will be the next president. After the next round of pretend bailouts the banks will take another piece of our blood, another wave of lost jobs, more house foreclosures, and more wars.

And when we think we cant lose anymore, military policing will become the norm. What seems real will become illusions (to add to decades of illusions) that make up the American Dream.

Todays U.S.A. is MUBAR (muffed up beyond all recognition). If it werent for the psychopaths who give themselves the privilege of running divvyd up countries, we would all be tapped-in-to Mother Natures bountiful kitchen of plenty, and, we would have Teslas free electricity to move our vehicles, to cook our foods, to keep us warm. Shouldnt we all be enjoying the wonders of life on this planet?

We have everything we need, naturally. If we let fake security (money) rule our lives, we will forever be servants to the evil machine (say goodbye to your own thoughts, because soon even thoughts will be taxed for the thinking).

The only servant I wish to be, is a servant to my Creator (for giving me life). We didnt just happen to be here, and, were not alone. Vote for the Creators love. Thats what we really need.

Maka Fairman