Story last updated at 4:00 p.m. Thursday, October 24, 2002

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My thanks to everyone in Halibut Cove who assisted during our ever-so-short archaeological field season. Special appreciation goes to Jay Greene, captain of the Stormbird, Clem and "Gator," Blaise Holly, Stephen Chopp, Sydney Bishop and Kip Taeschner. The accommodations at Mill Pond were so charming and so appreciated. Thank you, Beau and Chip.

My partner's unfortunate fall and cracked ribs caused an abrupt end to our work. His evacuation was carried out flawlessly by Howard Reed, pilot for Maritime Helicopters, two EMTs whose names I didn't obtain and Stephen Chopp. Thanks to them and to Michael McBride, who transported me to Homer and, again, to Jay, Stephen and the Stormbird who returned the Zodiac and gear.

In Homer, John Mitchell helped haul the Zodiac out of the water. Thanks to each of you.

To the many people who gave us permission to survey their land and their collections, can we get a raincheck?

Janet Klein


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