Story last updated at 4:00 p.m. Thursday, October 24, 2002

Community kindness felt
Once again we have felt the kindness of this community. Like a true family that squabbles over issues of growing and living, such as annexation, LIDs and sign ordinances, when sorrow of family members emerge, we surround each other with love and caring. We have felt this loving kindness during the past weeks of Al's final illness and death.

Thanks to all of you who shed tears with us, helped with Al's farewell service, called, visited, sent cards and brought food from your kitchens and your kind hearts. The floral arrangements were a special joy. There were a few creations by our talented local florists, but the majority were of the old Alaska way -- they were from gardens of friends, beautiful blooms often started from seeds and tended by the gardener.

There were arrangements made from Mother Nature's fall beauty, artistic, unique creations of colored leaves, "roses" of the Barclay willow, serviceberry branches, red mountain-ash berries, leaves from flowering kale, the yellow flower-head of the dill plant. How great it is that the Alaska do-it-our-way spirit is still alive. Thank you all.

Be assured, when sadness again strikes a member of our community family, the Sorensens will be there for you as you have been there for us.

Bless you all.

Al Sorensen's family