Web posted Tuesday, October 22, 2002

photo: dispatch

Conoco Phillips Cook Inlet Manager, Scott Jepsen, presents United Way executive director Evy Gebhardt and Campaign Vice Chairman Stan Pitlo with a check for $40,000 at the Soldotna Chamber of Commerce.

United Way campaign gets 40K from Conoco/Phillips

Lighting up the smiles of United Way campaign workers recently was a "Large" check from Conoco Phillips in the amount of $40,000.

"Conoco Phillips likes to support the communities where it does business and we've been in business down here for over 30 years. We are very much are part of this community, a number of our employees donate their time and resources to various charities and services that make up United Way, so this is just our way of demonstrating our support and commitment to the Kenai Peninsula and to the various United Way agencies on the Peninsula. It makes us feel real good to be able to do it," said Scott Jepsen, Cook Inlet Manager for Conoco Phillips.

According to United Way executive director Evy Gebhardt, this year's campaign is coming together very well, "Last year the events of September 11th threw a great deal of confusion and stress into the campaign that we were running at that time, but the enthusiasm seems to be at an all time high this year, people are excited and realizing the impact that United Way has on our community. One of the beautiful things about this 40 thousand dollar contribution is that although Conoco Phillips is already involved in supporting a number of our agencies, and this allows us to touch some of them that are not quite as visible in the community," said Gebhardt. Each year after the campaign, United Way agencies make presentations about their program to a group of local volunteers who decide where the money should go that has not been dedicated to specific agencies.

"Unfortunately the need doesn't go away. If it was a perfect world we could close all the doors of our member agencies and live in utopia, however, today we still have families in crisis, people that need Hospice care, seniors with needs, youth looking for opportunities and an endless stream of needs provided through United Way agencies," added Gebhardt. The goal for the 2002 Campaign is $650,000 and Gebhardt says they are well on their way. For more information on how you can help, call United Way at 283-9500.