Story last updated at 4:43 p.m. Thursday, October 17, 2002

Department still viable
It seems to me that the whole point of my letter regarding the Anchor Point Fire Department was missed. It was that those who are there in the department, no matter who they are, should be there because they truly care about what they are doing, and because they want to be there to serve those in need. It means working together even through difficult times. It means setting aside your differences.

I still wish the community to know that there are many EMTs and firefighters available to answer that page when it goes off. There is always a need for more. Please, come down and see what classes are available and sign up!

There are positive things going on down there. The community has a department to be proud of with members that have been there for many years that have worked hard to serve you and have established a good track record over the years. I will be participating in an active way, and I encourage more of the community to come down and be a part of something very good.

Maureen Tracy