Story last updated at 4:43 p.m. Thursday, October 17, 2002

Voters have spoken
It is unfortunate that those in Anchor Point who favored creating a service area for a new harbor cannot take "no" for an answer. Just like many Juneau politicians who don't understand what "no" means when it comes to tapping the permanent fund, these folks want to find another way to circumvent the electoral process just to get what they want, even though they are in the minority. Granted, while Proposition 5 was for the purpose of setting up a sponsoring entity to fund a harbor feasibility study, it was also a de facto referendum on the harbor itself. Dan Mumey, when presenting the harbor idea to the Anchor Point Chamber of Commerce, said that he would not support his own idea if a harbor was not self-supporting. But as soon as he and CRPC, Anchor Point's local enviro group, got together, he changed tunes faster than you can count. Anchor Point's own chamber president, Tom Clark, states that there was " a lot of organized misinformation" concerning the measure. I'd sure like to see where that came from, because I didn't hear any lies. (Oops, I mean "disinformation.")

The voters have said "no." Live with it.

Doug Ruzicka