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Story last updated at 4:26 PM on Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Doc film fest key part of Homer's cultural, educational opportunities

Point of View

By Homer Olson

The city of Homer is very privileged in that we have rather worldly, experienced and informed citizens. It seems that on most any given day, one can participate in a vast array of opportunities, including watching a play, visiting an art gallery, listening to a lecture or participating in athletic activities, among other things.

A profound sense of culture hangs over our little town.

When the documentary film festival started in 2004, it introduced a new cultural opportunity to our community.

Jamie and Lynnette Sutton bought the Homer Theatre in 2004 and immediately started the annual film festival. It quickly became a Homer tradition.

When asked about the purpose and inspiration for hosting this annual event, Jamie replied, "I've always liked documentary films for their truth and in-depth look at life and modern culture. My wife and I both enjoy them thoroughly."

He said that they decided to schedule the fest for the fall because it's a great time of year to watch films.

Many people in the community, especially students, feel as though they have benefitted from viewing these films, each of which opens a new window to the outside world. Whether it is a film about an insightful horse trainer or one that examines a scientific experiment gone wrong, each selection offers a new perspective on the world around us.

Perhaps Jamie put it best when he said, "It takes a whole village to educate our youth." Everyone must help nurture the development and growth of future members of our society. "A movie theatre is a valuable resource to utilize" when it comes to this development of the individual, he said.

Living in a place like Homer is wonderful, and for many, the film festival is an added bonus. We can be happy with the fact that, as long as Jamie and Lynnette are a part of our community, the documentary film fest will be, too.

Homer Olson is a senior at Homer Flex School. When he is not at school, Homer stays busy with karate, preparing for Battle of the Books and practicing with his band.