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Story last updated at 1:16 PM on Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Real, just revolution in the works

Tens of thousands occupy Wall Street. They should hit the Federal Reserve privately owned banks. Some say their demands and criticisms are unclear. These are so varied, this is difficult. Complaints include the ever-lasting imperialistic oil/opium wars, corporate person-hood, housing foreclosures, lack of transparency in government, banker bail outs, unlabeled GMO foods, poison vaccines and fluoride, theft of American jobs due to NAFTA and GATT, the hoarding of tax free wealth by the filthy rich, off-shore banks, the increasing cost of living (food/fuel), over printing of money (inflation), the lack of an honest investigation of 9/11 events, the money influenced/controlled politicians, controlled/censored media, police brutality, warranties search and seizure, lack of security/privacy in one's personal effects and information, airport grope downs, illegality of marijuana, overcrowding of prisons for victimless crimes.

Remedies would include reinstatement of Glass-Stiegel, audit and/or abolish the Fed, rejection of corporate person-hood, reinforcement of posse comitatus and constitutional protections, prosecution of war criminals, prosecution and just punishment of banker/corporation corruptions,and war crime whistle-blower protectionto name a few.

The scum of the earth is the international/global banking elites. There is a real and just revolution in the works, We are a republic (not a democracy, thank God), and ruled by rule of law. We mostly democratically elect our representatives (when voting is not rigged). Those elected need to work for, and protect "we the people" so we can prosper.

Rev. Richard Olson