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Story last updated at 1:17 PM on Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Don't forget to vote in Oct. 25 runoff

During my years of public service, it has always surprised me that less than 30 percent of the voters come out to vote. And that includes a mail-in effort for the South Peninsula Hospital service area some years ago.

My parents, who emigrated in the 1920s, understood, not only how precious the United States is, but also that voting is the obligation of citizenship, to ensure a continuation of the freedoms we enjoy.

That said, I urge you all, please, take a moment and vote on Oct. 25. That is the mayoral runoff, and it is critical.

My vote will go to Mike Navarre, because I believe he is the best qualified to run this multimillion dollar operation called the Kenai Peninsula Borough. His history in the legislature, his contacts there today, and good working relationship with the governor will be very valuable in the years ahead.

As borough mayor, faced with the formidable quandary of beetle killed spruce trees, Mayor Navarre formed the task force that developed the Spruce Bark Beetle program that then-Sen. Ted Stevens was so generously able to fund over the ensuing years, that many in the borough have and still do benefit from. That is the kind of talent I believe we need in the mayor's office today. As a businessman, he also knows how to keep costs in check.

Please join me in voting on Oct. 25.

Milli Martin