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Story last updated at 1:16 PM on Wednesday, October 12, 2011

AlRay Carroll: local hero

So the Homer Theatre just converted to Digital: 3-D, Live Feeds of the Super Bowl, Fancy Projector, Dolby Surround. But the best part was that it required two pricey experts from Seattle to fly up here and install the all-silver, cannot-even-be-touched, new screen, which you need for 3-D. Expensive.

Manager Colleen Carroll, who was in charge, recognized the cost, the specs and expertise required and said, "AlRay, you think you could do this for us?"

AlRay Carroll is a fisherman, from Homer, Alaska. You know, the Carroll family. He replied to his wife, "Anything for you, darling" (or words to that effect).

And he, without pause, disassembled the old screen and its apparatus, laid out the exotic replacement and installed the full silver splendor, as required and provided.

He had some help from Greg Williams, Alex Stuart, Matthew Goodnow and Ryan Roquet. Our kind of Homer guys.

It is still going to cost extra $2 for adults and $1 for seniors, kids and students to show 3-D movies, but we are only going to choose the best of 3-D and not bombard our movie-goers with every mediocre production. (The next 3-D presentation will be the new "Lion King" followed by a re-showing of "Avatar" like it was meant to be seen, in 3-D on the big silver screen.)

Thanks, AlRay, and thanks, Homer. This is a nurturing place. Only here could you envision the best independent, community movie house anywhere and ... have it. Homer is full of a lot of inspiring people.

Thanks for coming to the movies.

Lynette and Jamie Sutton and our kids

Mac, Ali and Thea