Story last updated at 3:18 p.m. Thursday, October 10, 2002

Shake, rattle and roll
photo: photofeatures

  Photo by Chris Bernard, Homer News
Strapped in from left, fifth- and sixth-graders Deva Murphy, Kathleen Argus and Annie Linner await a simulated magnitude 5.5 earthquake while their classmates watch at McNeil Canyon Elementary School Tuesday in the Quake Cottage.

The simulator, which can recreate earthquakes as strong as magnitude 8.0, is an educational outreach tool run by the statepis Division of Emergency Services. Emergency Management Specialists Tom Smayda and Ted Smith were in Homerpis schools this week teaching students to prepare their homes for earthquake safety.

Though the children said they wanted to experience an 8.0 quake, Smith and Smayda held the throttle to 5.5. "It feels like itpis stronger, because youpire basically right at the epicenter," Smayda said.


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