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Obituary Albert Eugene Sorensen
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Albert Eugene Sorensen  
Albert Eugene Sorensen, 81, died Oct. 3 at home in Homer with family members holding his hands. He had been in poor health for several years. A community farewell service was held Oct. 6. His ashes will be cared for privately at a later date.

Mr. Sorensen was born Nov. 12, 1920, in Scranton, N.D. to Albert Eugene Sorensen and Venus Hart Ritter Sorensen. He married Gail Churchill on Oct. 4, 1947. To this union were born three sons: Albert III (Chip), Kent and Russell. He served his country as an Army sergeant during both World War II and the Korean War. During his long life he had many occupations, including farmer, beekeeper, railroad switchman, house painter, watchmaker and jewelry store owner. He was Homer's harbormaster in the mid-1970s and fished commercially for crab, shrimp, halibut and salmon.

Soon after moving to Homer in 1972, he joined the Homer Volunteer Fire Department, and through the years helped improve emergency medical services in Homer and throughout Alaska. He was one of the first certified CPR instructors on the Kenai Peninsula and one of the state's early EMT IIIs. He helped teach EMT classes throughout Alaska, and with his unique ability to fix anything, kept all of the Southern Region EMS Council's training aids in repair.

His family said, "Al loved the outdoors, nature and Alaska. He hiked, camped, canoed, hunted, fished, dug clams, picked coal on the beach, wandered the mountains. He was an avid reader, which inspired him to try new things. He liked to cook and appreciated the foods of other cultures. He ate interesting things: fermented seal flipper at St. Paul Island, pickled muktuk at Barrow, bidarkis at Port Graham, halibut heads in Homer. Al led a full, adventurous, interesting life. He was never afraid to try something new, never afraid to see what was around the next bend, and because of this, he enriched the lives of his family. We feel blessed."

Mr. Sorensen is survived by Gail, his wife of 55 years; sons Albert III (Chip), Kent and Russell, daughters-in-law June and Martine, and grandchildren Kristel, Justin, Sarah, Maria, Ithaca and Parker.