Story last updated at 3:08 p.m. Thursday, October 10, 2002

Voters of Seldovia choose Willard as new mayor
Chris Bernard
Happenings in Seldovia

Seldovia voters chose former mayor Gerald Willard to replace outgoing Mayor Sue Hecks in last week's city election.

Willard earned 56 votes of 84 cast, with seven outstanding ballots.

Hecks received 12 votes; "Susan Hecks" and "Sue Hicks" each received one as well.

Steve Bond received two votes, and Hugh Smith also earned a vote.

City Clerk Ineke Buchman was Willard's strongest challenger, with four votes.

For the city council, Walter McInnes was re-elected to his three-year seat, with 57 votes. Steven Lewis, who was recently appointed to the council to finish out a vacated term, was also elected to the three-year seat with 48 votes.

Dan Hecks won the only one-year seat up for grabs on the council, earning 48 votes.

In the borough election, Seldovia voters largely went against the rest of the borough for mayor, voting 64-36 for Ken Lancaster over Dale Bagley. Bagley won, despite Seldovia's support.

For borough assembly, Seldovia voters chose winner Milli Martin over Faith Schade, 67-23.

The voters also voted in favor of Plan B, a district-based school board, in Proposition 1 by an agreeable 71-28 margin, but Prop. 2, to raise money to improve the central peninsula landfill, was supported by a slim difference of just 56-48.

Prop. 3, a general obligation bond to build a new middle school in Seward, was supported 75-30, while the voters were disinclined to support terminating the grocery sales tax, Prop. 4, by a strong 80-25 split.

Mary Glover, who served as vice-president of the Seldovia Chamber of Commerce, was chosen by the board last week to replace outgoing President Ken Weaver. Weaver, who is the city manager, recently announced his resignation, and is moving to Missouri.

"Ken did a wonderful job last year, and we're going to miss him very much," said Glover. "But we know he's going to a situation that will be much better for him and his wife.

"As a chamber, we have a few plans to start increasing economic development in Seldovia," she said. "We have a committee working on that, and we'll keep our regular programs running. One thing we're going to work on is raising funds."

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