Story last updated at 2:58 p.m. Thursday, October 10, 2002

Misinformation clouds issue
It is with interest to see a letter by Maureen Tracy (Homer Tribune, Oct. 2) and all the information that was imparted to the community about the Anchor Point Volunteer Fire Department. I wonder where she got all this information, since she has not been an active member for more than three years -- not responding to runs, not attending meetings and letting her EMT III lapse -- information that is supposed to be confidential. How can she be so sure that the problems with the department are personality conflicts when she was not even in the area when the issues started to arise?

I refuse to listen to obscenities, and I feel that patients and bystanders need not hear them either. As a volunteer, I also refuse to go into unsafe scenes, but Ron Wilhoit doesn't mind sending personnel into them when he is incident command. Some of our newer recruits don't have the knowledge of what is dangerous or not.

Nine people walked out on Tuesday, Oct. 1. Several others have previously made their stand known and did not show. Ron Wilhoit has stated in the papers that there are over 40 active members in APVFD. Suddenly, of the ones that walked, only two were active, according to Robin Proctor. The same list that Ron Wilhoit used is the same one that Robin Proctor used.

We walked to make a point. We tried to go through the proper channels, but the service area board refused to take us seriously. The mayor didn't hear us either on the advice of the board. At least we didn't start a gossip chain, and we didn't lie.

Anchor Point still has service for fire and medical. Homer and Ninilchik are still available for backup, but I think the community should be aware that Homer will charge for their services.

We are still around, and we will still be doing what we can to be of service to be our community in other ways.

Mari Turtainen, RN, EMT III