Story last updated at 2:56 p.m. Thursday, October 10, 2002

Barrow battered by northern storm
Near-50-mph winds and 15-foot waves smashed into America's northernmost city this weekend, eroding shorelines and gravel sea walls and causing some coastal roads to shut down.

Maintenance workers from the North Slope Borough braved freezing temperatures and snowy conditions as they tried to rebuild the sea walls in order to keep the coastal roads open, but to no avail.

A major contributing factor behind the brutal conditions was the distance between the ice pack and the Barrow coast. Jim Sweet, a meteorological technician for the weather service, said the ice pack is currently 200 to 300 miles from Barrow.

"That's a lot of distance for this time of year. It is very unusual." he said.

According to Sweet, These large expanses of water allow room for large waves to build in such windy conditions.

--The Associated Press


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