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Story last updated at 4:53 PM on Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Let's not over-regulate Homer with sign ordinance, PWC ban

We feel saddened and frustrated that a few people on committees have the power to enforce their own agenda, feeling no responsibility for listening to and representing what the people who are most affected by the committees' decisions want. Did you not hear the comments at the public hearing about the signs? It was resounding for less regulations.

It isn't just about signs or personal watercraft, or PWC. It's about people who came or come to Alaska because they want to be a part of the Last Frontier. It's about being a place that is not over-regulated and offers more personal freedom and opportunities.

It appears to us that we are moving to a point of being ridiculous instead of reasonable. We don't have a PWC, but we have a hard time believing people who love Alaska and nature will come here and start ramming into sea otters and whales. Give us a break. People with PWCs also love Alaska and all that it means.

As for signs, of course we don't want giant billboards blocking the scenery. But get real with some exceptions Homer is beautiful because of our scenery not our buildings. No one was hurt or blocked by the sign boards this summer. And if your sign is on your own building and not up in the air, what does it hurt if it's 12 inches bigger than the one next door?

In our opinion all the time and money spent on sign regulations and enforcement, other than not allowing billboards, would be better spent on more important issues.

If we are really concerned about the beauty of our buildings, why not just ask that they are painted and maintained rather than nit-picking about a sign size on a building or a sandwich board that helps someone's business?

Seriously, Sharon, you object to a "Welcome Cruise Ship" sign that brings a lot of money to Homer? How does a sandwich board block "line of sight for some?" Are you kidding? The only line of sight blocked would be for a baby in a stroller.

If you follow the logic of not allowing any PWC, on the chance someone will operate it irresponsibly, then we should shut down all the bars, because we know for sure that someone will drink irresponsibly.

Please, let's focus on more important matters and be reasonable. We came to Alaska many years ago, because it was different and unique and offered more personal freedom. If you want to be over-regulated, you should move to Washington, D. C., and fit right in.

Bob and Joan Phillips