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Story last updated at 4:52 PM on Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Homer: Place of healing, renewal

Moving from Homer was the hardest thing I have ever done. The decision didn't come without lots of prayer, thought and tears. Ron and I and our daughter, Peggy, moved to Homer in August 1991. The previous June we had vacationed in this awesome state and decided we wanted to be Alaskans. Twenty years later we were directed to leave.

Ron and I lived in Homer longer than we have lived anywhere, so to us Kachemak Bay will always be "home." We were able to move forward and leave because of all the love shown to us from this community. We have taken with us so many memories of times shared with all kinds, shapes and sizes of people, from the very young to the teenagers and on to that unique population the elderly.

Thanks to our friendly El Sarino neighbors who not only were good to us, but watched after our dogs, Reba and Tater. A friend, who we have known all the time we lived in Homer and talk to each week by phone, said to me the other day, "Homer is a place of healing and renewing of the spirit." I so believe that. My spirit was renewed and I gained so much from relationships and opportunities shared with me and my family. I experienced events and challenges that shaped me into a better person. I learned the value of true friendship, a new way of "caring," how to stand up for what I believe, express myself in adversity, but mostly what the word "love" really means.

Homer with all its artists, craftsman and musicians allows its citizens to experience a plethora of "down home" fun as well as cultural events that would match any big city in the Lower 48.

Moving forward because of love from all of you. New horizons and adventures look out North Carolina.

Gay Pendleton