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Story last updated at 4:52 PM on Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Complacency comes at a price

Thousands of people are occupying and camping out on Wall Street in New York City for 15 days (as of this writing, no end in sight) concerned with the 1 percent ruling us 99 percent. Corporate media is doing their best to ignore it. Ron Paul is doing great in the polls. Again media ignores or downplays. The sun is more active now with a behemoth sun spot and solar events greater than ever recorded since accurate recording began in the last 100 years, no word. We are in Libya with NATO for seven months with absolutely no regard for civilian lives, little is mentioned.

Media and many of us have been complacent and are more concerned with trivia or entertainment than real dangers of criminal corporate/governmental actions which could cause difficulty in protection of inalienable freedoms and rights our constitution intended to protect. I fear our children will suffer for our irresponsible neglect.

Rev. Richard Olson


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