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Story last updated at 4:52 PM on Wednesday, October 5, 2011

500 days to big change

Homer likes to refer to itself as "The Cosmic Hamlet by the Sea." Yet we seem to be blissfully ignorant of the most amazing celestial event our planet has encountered for nearly 26,000 years. I wonder how we got so disconnected from the universe in which we live?

Within the next 500 days, our planet will change. Drastically. Events have been predicted by several groups, several religions, several civilizations ... and verified by our own astronomical observations. There is no doubt about what is happening "out there," and that it is indeed a thing of huge importance, yet to we tiny, unaware humans this once-in-a-thousand-lifetimes event is something to laugh at. A foolish fear. A silly "prediction."

Here's reality. Earth will soon align exactly with the plane of the Milky Way Galaxy. The last time this happened our ancestors lived in caves. If we were an ancient tribe, and aware of our universe, we would all be sitting around fires preparing for a new epoch. We would be connecting with the gods, trying to understand the upcoming event and the changes it may bring. We would be in awe of our tiny moment in the march of time and space, and hoping to be part of a positive rebirth that could make this world a better place, more connected to the important things in reality, rather than simply worrying about a paycheck. How small our lives are. How totally arrogant of us to poo-poo an alignment event of truly galactic proportions, and concentrate instead on our own insignificant priorities. How sad that we have completely lost our sense of direction as caretakers of our planet even to the point where an earth-shaking 26,000-year event predicted by religions and verified by our own science and astronomers, is reduced to laughable.

Laugh on, people. Soon the arrogance of the nickname "Cosmic Hamlet" will become apparent. A new world, a new paradigm and a new reality is just around the corner. Our world is broken. Whether you see it as nature or Gaia or coincidence or God, using our current vernacular, Earth will soon be re-booted.

If you doubt this, it simply doesn't matter. But I offer two suggestions: Start counting backward from 500, and watch the sky.

Dax Radtke