Story last updated at 3:03 p.m. Thursday, October 3, 2002

City officials thanked
I, along with my neighbors, would like to give a special thanks to the current city council, as well as Ron Drathman and Carey Meyer. They proved city government can work.

We were confronted with many difficult issues, from budgetary to environmental, on the development and construction of the Ocean Drive seawall project. The process was anything but easy over the last two years. Many tough questions were asked by the council to determine the overall value added to the city of Homer. After the tough questions were answered, the city came through.

A special thanks on my behalf to Mike Yourkowski. Mike, you were there to listen to me about the seawall over many cups of java. You proved faithful as a council member and now as a friend. You have my vote in the next election. And to Carey -- you were HUGE. The seawall did not stand a chance without your tireless efforts. We cannot begin to express our gratitude.

To the citizens of Homer: Keep Mike and company in the City Council.

Paul Hueper