Story last updated at 3:03 p.m. Thursday, October 3, 2002

Smoke-free restaurant thanked
I recently had dinner at The Homestead Restaurant and was pleasantly surprised that the air was finally clear of secondhand smoke. For many years the restaurant has been one of the best in the Homer area, but diners -- even those in the nonsmoking section -- have had to breathe smoke that wafted in from the bar. The owners of The Homestead have taken an exemplary step by banning smoking, and I hope more restaurants and bars in Homer will join them in cleaning up the air, both for the sake of their customers and for their workers. I would love to live in a community free from environmental tobacco smoke, where adults and children can breathe clean air wherever they are. Let's show our support for those businesses that make our health a priority.

Thanks again to the owners of The Homestead Restaurant.

Karen Shemet


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