Story last updated at 3:02 p.m. Thursday, October 3, 2002

'Disgusting' ad gets response
The borough election is tomorrow, so at this point, I don't know its outcome. However, I do want to comment on the Homer News decision to accept what I consider a very slanderous, distastefully penned political ad submitted by Faith Schade regarding her opponent Milli Martin. Just what criteria is used by the Homer News in accepting such ads?

In truth, this disgusting ad can neither touch nor alter the impeccable integrity of Milli Martin. It does, however, serve as a mirror to reflect the character and values of "those" who wrote it. How sad that such tactics were deemed necessary in an attempt to gain votes.

It was bad enough that Roxie Schade (in her Sept. 19, 2002, letter to the editor) felt it necessary to totally alter the truth regarding Milli's comments at the Borough Road Board meeting, a meeting I also attended. What I heard discussed at the meeting and what Roxie chose to say in her letter were totally different.

Milli had attended on behalf of the 500-plus residents of Voznesenka and Kachemak Selo, and the staff and students who must use the treacherous winter road. However, it was brought up by Les Mofford that other roads in that area were just as treacherous, and he felt that Milli was only addressing part of the issue. Milli immediately concurred that Les was right but informed him that she hadn't been previously informed about the other problem roads and instantly stated that these, too, needed addressing.

Roxie attempted to make you, the Homer News readers, believe that Milli didn't care about the other individuals in the area who also had hazardous winter roads to contend with. What absurdity.

This letter will be published after the election. However, I felt it important to set the record straight. I am profoundly offended by any individual(s) who blatantly and without regard for the feelings of others, stretch, twist, crumble and modify truth in order to gain credibility for themselves and their agendas and believe themselves justified in hurting and molesting the integrity of others in doing so.

To say the least, I find such behavior malevolent and extremely sophomoric.

Trina L. Smallwood