Story last updated at 3:00 p.m. Thursday, October 3, 2002

Police kill black bear in Seward
Seward police located, shot, and killed a particularly pesky black bear in the yard of a residence on Fifth Avenue.

The police were responding to a motorist dispatch of a bear walking down the middle of the street half a block from the post office. When they arrived at the house, no one was home, except for a 400-pound black bear who had scampered halfway up a tree in the front yard.

Tom Boor, an investigator with the police department, figured it was the same animal someone had reported near Yukon Liquor earlier, and probably was the culprit in a host of sightings in Seward including at the harbor train station, in the Forest Acres subdivision, at the elementary school, at the Dora Way playground and on Iron Drive.

"We've used seal bombs in the past week and a half to scare the bear away," Boor said. "Our main goal is not to kill every bear that comes into town."

But the increase of sightings in the area, including additional sightings of a sow and her cubs, concerned Boor.

So far, no one has been harmed by the bears, and they have shown no menacing behavior to people or their pets.

In the commotion of an earlier trash-can raiding episode, however, a women was bitten by her own dog, and went to the hospital for treatment.

--Seward Phoenix LOG