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Story last updated at 5:49 PM on Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Student's letter to editor spreads word of community garden

Dear Homer News readers,

My name is Garrett Cooper and I am a fifth-grader at Chapman Elementary School. The students at Chapman will be planting a community garden behind the VFW on Milo Fritz Avenue in Anchor Point. Currently we are plotting out the land and getting the ground ready for planting season 2012. This project is teaching us about gardening, science, teamwork and lifelong skills. This will also be a big fundraiser for Chapman School, using the proceeds from the sale of our fruits and vegetables.

At this time we are low on supplies and volunteers, so we are asking for your help and support with donations of either your time or supplies. Below you will find a list of needed supplies. The entire Chapman School, pre-school through eighth grade, will be involved in making this a huge success, so, please help our school with any support you can give. Your support will be greatly appreciated. Also, if you happen to be a junior or senior, this would be a great opportunity to get volunteer hours for your Senior Service Project.

All basic gardening supplies: watering tins, seeds, shovels, hoes, rakes.

The students of Chapman want to thank you for all your support.


Garrett Cooper