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Story last updated at 5:49 PM on Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Shaking things up


Just when it seems like it's the same old stuff day after day, something happens to break the routine.

Take for instance the Mariners' homecoming game against the Kenai Kardinals last Saturday. The Mariners broke their years-long losing streak to the Kards and came out victorious in double overtime. The win was sweet, but maybe even sweeter was the community camaraderie. There was a crowd, a really big crowd, cheering the Mariners on to victory. Way to go, Mariners. And way to go, Homer, for showing up to support the kids.

And, then, when it seems like everyone has had about as much rain as they can take, a rainbow will appear. On Monday at about 6 p.m., the sky was filled with what looked like the mother of all rainbows. If you missed the jaw-dropping, breath-takingly beautiful sight, well, you missed a real treat. Definitely worth the rain.

And coming up, registered voters have a chance to shake things up in Tuesday's municipal election. Don't like the same old stuff happening in government, well, go to the polls Tuesday and make a change. Over the last couple of weeks, the Homer News has provided lots of ways for voters to get to know the candidates and the issues. If you missed something, you can find it online at www.homernews.com.