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Story last updated at 5:49 PM on Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tim O'Brien

What do the candidates think?

The assignment: Candidates for Kenai Peninsula Borough Mayor and the District 8 seat for the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly were invited to submit a 500-word guest column. Candidates were given free rein to write about what they thought was most important.

Candidate for Mayor of the Kenai Peninsula Borough


Tim O'Brien

Not wanting to become a career politician, my bid for our Kenai Peninsula Borough Mayor position is what I considered the best way to voice the concerns that many others have brought forth to me. Because I do not have a multi-term plan and advertising and fundraising are expensive to both you and me, I have chosen to do word of mouth advertising only. You won't see any campaign signs from me cluttering our streets and byways.

Our first concerns should be for our natural flora and fauna being depleted and abused to a point that our children and grandchildren will not have what we older Alaskans have enjoyed. To trade these for a few dollars of revenue we should forever be vigilant to protect our natural resources, especially the renewable ones. Both my wife and I, being Native Alaskans, not Alaska Natives, were born in the Territory of Alaska. We believe we would be failures if we remain complacent about some of the state of affairs our State and Borough have been in and are currently facing, now and into future generations. We believe we need to develop our resources in a clean and un-harmful to our environment way. We need to promote Tidal, Geo-thermal, Wind and Hydro-electric generation projects and focus on getting away from the use of fossil fuels. We need to regain our way of life and resources as our state constitution says. We need to intervene where we believe Federal control overtakes State's rights.

Having been appointed to the Kenai/Soldotna Fish and Game Advisory Board, with the help of Chief Judge James Showalter, as the only non Alaska Native spokesman for subsistence fishing, my focus was and is to regain our public beaches so we can harvest our fish for our winter supply as we once were able to do. This right has been lost and we must work to find a solution to achieve this again.

We have public lands that need to be sold into private ownership. With this, we will achieve bringing in more tax revenue without increasing the tax rate. This will give our children an opportunity to own a piece of the community they grew up in and will give them reason to stay and continue to build a strong and profitable Kenai Peninsula.