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Story last updated at 5:49 PM on Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dale Bagley

What do the candidates think?

The assignment: Candidates for Kenai Peninsula Borough Mayor and the District 8 seat for the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly were invited to submit a 500-word guest column. Candidates were given free rein to write about what they thought was most important.

Candidate for Mayor of the Kenai Peninsula Borough


Dale Bagley

The hardest thing about being mayor is the decision making process. Hire the best people you can, listen to their advice, give them clear direction, and let them do their job. Four years in the Marine Corps taught me the value of leadership and gave me the ability to make good decisions. Growing up on the Kenai Peninsula has helped me to know this area and the people who live here.

There are candidates who tout big ideas but I have learned that someone who has a proven track record of getting things done will continue getting things done in the future. Here is a list of things that we accomplished during my six years as Borough Mayor:

Land & Timber Sales

• Inherited the beginning of the Spruce Bark Beetle Task Force and put together a program to start removing the dead spruce trees.

• After being elected Mayor, the Assembly voted down an ordinance, from the previous administration, to log Borough land of dead spruce trees. We redid our logging program and worked with the public and assembly to finally start removing the dead spruce trees.

• Accomplished two large land sales in Cooper Landing as well as other land sales around the Borough.

Better Roads

• Increased funding to the road department, at the same time as reducing the general mill rate so taxes didn't get raised.

• Started a volunteer road debris cleanup program utilizing Borough employees.

• Began two abandoned/junk vehicle programs that removed cars from public and private property.

Better Economy

• Brought the 2006 Arctic Winter games to the Kenai Peninsula. It was an economical boost to the community and left many lasting legacies.

• Worked with commercial fisherman to implement a bleeding and icing program.

• Worked with new businesses that were looking to move here or start up a new business.

Better Borough Government

• Eliminated an attorney from the legal department by allowing departments to use boiler plate contracts. Contract services was also reduced.

• Changed property tax payment date to coincide with Alaska dividend payout to help taxpayers avoid penalties and interest.

• Reduced penalties and interest on late property tax payments to make them more reasonable.

• Started hospital expansions in Soldotna and Homer after receiving voter approval for bonding.

• Reduced taxes by reducing the mill rate.

• Increased funding for the senior citizen program.

• Had a great community outreach program including, booths at different events, volunteer BBQer, radio talk shows, and had the Mayor's Brown Bag Lunch every month.

I have had campaign booths at events since April of this year, and I ran into many people that reminded me of the things we did to help them. I have also been hearing about issues that are important to the voters. On October 4th please vote for someone with a proven track record of making good decisions, getting things done, and listening to people.