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Story last updated at 2:38 PM on Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Smith, Nagle brothers make good showing at Pentathlon

By Angelina Skowronski
For the Homer News

It was a full weekend of swimming for the Mariners' swim and dive team. The swim team competed in SoHi's Pentathlon on Friday, then joined forces with the dive team on Saturday for the Bartlett/Chugiak meet.

The Pentathlon required each swimmer to swim four 50M events, one of each stroke.

"The Pentathlon is always a unique event and experience. It requires you to be a well-rounded swimmer," said Head Swim Coach Rebecca Hardy.

Cheyenne Smith, and James and Mark Nagle proved themselves well-rounded that day, making it into the top 20 of the meet. Smith came in 11th with a time of 3:19.90, while James came in 18th and his twin brother not far behind him in 20th place with a time difference of only 2.05 seconds.

The high-intensity of the pentathlon carried over into the next day at Bartlett where the team needed extra energy to make it through the long day.

"The Bartlett meet is always a hard meet to compete in," said Hardy. "It's our biggest meet of the regular season and the pool is split so the boys and girls are swimming simultaneously."

Despite the chaos of a 21-team meet, the Mariners didn't let the pressure get to them. The boys' 400M freestyle relay team took third place at the meet, and James Nagle took seventh in the 100M backstroke out of a lineup of 24 backstrokers.

"Overall, each one of them did really well and are growing into their own shell. I continue to be impressed with this great group of kids," said Hardy.

It is not all Hardy's hard work that has been invested; her two volunteer coaches, John McNulty and former Homer swimmer John Roedl also are to be credited for the team's self-motivation.

"The team is coachable and open to what we are telling them. My coaching staff and I are seeing them take what we have to say, using it and improving, and that is very inspiring," said Hardy.

While Hardy helped navigate her swim team through the Bartlett crowds, Head Dive Coach Harmon Hall directed his divers among the nearly 50 other athletes at Chugiak.

"Chugiak has bad boards at their pool. One is too stiff and the other is too springy," said Hall. "It was hard for my divers to dive on stuff that is not up to par."

The substandard conditions weren't too much of a hindrance for the team at this 11-dive meet. Brian Rowe came in third place out of 29 male divers, and Jasmine Lewis took fifth place.

"We saw some good competition this weekend. We competed against schools from Fairbanks and the North Pole area which we hadn't seen all season," said Hall.

Hall is preparing his team for the remaining 11 dive meets of the season. Friday at the Kate Kuhns pool, the Mariners dive team will hold their own meet to continue practice while the swim team competes at Skyview.

Soldotna Pentathlon

Girls team results: (1) Kodiak, 53; (2) Soldotna, 43; (3) Palmer, 22; (4) Seward, 18; (5) Kenai, 13; (6) Homer, 6.

Girls individual: (11) Cheyenne Smith 3:19.90.

Boys team results: (1) Kodiak, 58; (2) Soldotna, 53; (3) Colony, 43; (4) Kenai, 1.

Boys individual: (18) James Nagle, 3:07.60; (20) Mark Nagle, 3:09.95.



200 Yard Freestyle: (26) Zachary Nelson, 2:57.10.

200 Yard IM: (19) Thomas Vanek, 2:51.44.

50 Yard Freestyle: (15) Mark Nagle, 25.94; (19) Cyrus Cowan, 27.19; (27) Kaveh Anderson, 30.99; (29) Manuel Spigno, 31.89.

100 Yard Butterfly: (5) James Nagle, 59.00; (15) Gregory Smith, 1:08.17.

100 Yard Freestyle: (11) Mark Nagle, 56.00; (35) Manuel Spigno, 1:15.18.

500 Yard Freestyle: (15) Cyrus Cowan, 6:18.41.

200 Yard Freestyle Relay: (15) 2:04.18; (1) Kaveh Anderson, (2) Zachary Nelson, (3) Manuel Spigno, (4) Thomas Vanek.

100 Yard Backstroke: (7) James Nagle, 1:05.43; (20) Zachary Nelson, 1:29.47.

100 Yard Breaststroke: (15) Gregory Smith, 1:19.58; (23) Kaveh Anderson, 1:30.86; (27) Thomas Vanek, 1:34.47.

400 Yard Freestyle Relay: (3) 3:56.84, (1) Mark Nagle, (2) Gregory Smith, (3) Cyrus Cowan, (4) James Nagle.


200 Yard Medley Relay: (9) 2:17.06, (1) Cheyanne Smith, (2) Angela Cardoza, (3) Llydia Arndt, (4) Lukia Martishev.

200 Yard Freestyle: (21) Lydia Arndt, 2:32.32; (28) Jordyn Wickstrom, 2:58.87.

200 Yard IM: (14) Cheyanne Smith, 2:39.23; (21) Lukia Martishev, 3:01.01.

50 Yard Freestyle: (36) Meghan Stanish, 43.34.

100 Yard Butterfly: (25) Angela Cardoza, 1:36.92

100 Yard Freestyle: (19) Lukia Martishev, 1:11.86; (33) Jordyn Wickstrom, 1:25.91.

200 Yard Freestyle Relay: (14) 2:11.57; (1) Angela Cardoza, (2 Jordyn) Wickstrom, (3) Lydia Arndt, (4) Lukia Martishev.

100 Yard Backstroke: (28) Angela Cardoza, 1:29.55; (36) Meghan Stanish, 1:49.08.

100 Yard Breaststroke: (18) Lydia Arndt, 1:26.86.