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Story last updated at 3:08 PM on Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Time to write next Pratt chapter

The Pratt Museum roof is not leaking severely as was suggested in the letter from Toby Tyler last week. Yes, the building is aging. Yes, it has many problems, but routine maintenance has addressed the leaks. A section of the roof was opened up this summer to ensure the substrate was dry. And no leaks appeared in the most recent rain storms.

As those who have visited the museum or attended our public meetings know, we are in the process of designing a new building that will carry this communitys history and creativity into the future. The founders worked hard to ensure that this community would have a museum. Now it is time to build on that success and write the next chapter in the story.

The new museum design includes much-needed American Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance, expanded collections storage space to properly house growing collections, temperature and humidity control in collections and exhibit areas that meets current standards for collections care, and meeting space for school groups and community gatherings. Responding to community feedback, we recently added additional gallery space which will allow us to display more wonderful objects from the collection as well as from guest-curated shows.

The community of Homer will be hearing a lot more from us in the coming months. We invite you to sign up for our monthly electronic newsletter. Just go to our website www.prattmuseum.org and click on the subscribe button.

Thanks, Toby, for this opportunity to update everyone.

Milli Martin, president

Pratt Museum Board of Directors