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Story last updated at 3:07 PM on Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Inspired by council meeting #3

Id like to commend the Mayor for vetoing the plastic bag ordinance. As several previous letter writers have pointed out, any issue of this magnitude that can adversely impact so many of Homers citizens and small businesses should be put on a ballot so the residents of the city can vote on it, not unilaterally imposed on them by four members of the Homer City Council who may not have had all of the information they really needed to make a wise decision.

The vetoed ordinance was poorly thought out and did not take into account many things, including the potential impacts on summer visitors, what happens to paper bags disposed of in landfills and the repeated use of unwashed, bacteria-laden cloth bags on grocery store conveyor belts (see the Health Canada website).

Given that the ordinance was nothing more than an attempt at social engineering (something that seems to be happening more and more in our country lately), I now have a clear picture of who Ill be voting for in the upcoming city election.

Dave Rouseneau