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Story last updated at 5:05 PM on Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Roberts: Let's move Homer forward



Homer is a wonderful place to live, which is why I have made it my home for 40 years and why I have served on the City Council for the last six years. The scenery is magnificent and the outdoor recreational opportunities are beyond compare. But Homer cannot afford to sit on these laurels, instead we must move forward.

One very important issue for every citizen and business is alleviating the high cost of energy. There should be several options for energy delivery for our residents. The proposed citywide gas main l system provides another choice for residents. Preliminary plans call for gas mains to extend to nearly every city lot. I am working with the council to provide low interest financing to make it affordable for property owners.

The Port and Harbor area is a vibrant economic engine for Homer, supporting both the commercial and visitor industries. While we have begun to address long overdue port and harbor projects, we should not lose sight of the importance of maintaining vital assets like the harbor floats and the harbormaster's office.

Roads and trails are the connectors of our town. A well-planned road system allows access for all, yet should maintain a small town feel. I want to insure streets will continue to be reliably maintained year round for citizenry and for business access. Public transportation appropriate to a small town should be considered as a way to serve citizens and limit congestion.

The trail system in Homer is developing. The long-term plan is to have a connected citywide system, from the end of the spit, to the top of the hillsides. I am happy to announce the completion of the Spit Trail is finally scheduled for the near future. Good trails contribute to walkability and to the safety of walkers and cyclists.

A diversified economy is important. Fisheries and tourism will continue to be mainstays of our economy. Marine trades, health care, retail businesses, construction and local agriculture are all growing and vital to support for our future. Diversification is the key to withstanding problems in any one sector. I have supported dredging the spit fishing lagoon to bring salmon back to the spit, which will not only feed Homer, but will again attract visitors.

Homer is at the literal end of the road. Buying locally is an important issue. Our amazing Farmer's Market provides wonderful local produce during the summer months and our many hard working businesses offer most of the supplies and services local residents need. Let's shop locally as much as possible.

I care about Homer. I want Homer to be the best small town in Alaska. During my term on the Council, I have worked diligently to realize my dream, and if re-elected I will continue to do my very best for Homer.