Story last updated at 2:53 p.m. Thursday, September 26, 2002

'Requiem' experience special
The word "thanks" almost seems meaningless, as it can't ever say what I want to express in gratitude. I have felt so privileged to be a part of the whole Mozart "Requiem" and Young Masters experience, including all the rehearsals, performing it for Homer and Kenai and going to New York, having the experience of a lifetime of performing and just being in two of the greatest buildings ever built in the world. I thought Carnegie Hall would be awesome, as it had been a personal lifelong dream, but St. Patrick's Cathedral was truly spiritual and spectacular. But then when coincidentally we knew the "Requiem" and came to be part of a worldwide coming together of humanity in a gathering to honor our truly innocent brothers and sisters, performing it became an honor for me of the highest order.

Homer, I hope you truly know the gift you have in Mark Robinson as well as a very small handful of other people from this community. This is a truly remarkable little community we live in as well as our country. JulieAnn Smith