Story last updated at 2:53 p.m. Thursday, September 26, 2002

Sept. 11 tribute powerful
Participating in the "Rolling Requiem" and singing with the chorus -- conducted by the incredibly talented Mr. Mark Robinson -- was one of the most joyous and painful times of my life. It is extremely challenging to sing and cry simultaneously and really confuses the senses.

Going into it, I knew I would represent a life, ended here on Earth, as well as my own personal feelings on peace, rest and resolution.

The person whose name I wore was a very honorable man, off work that day, a fireman of six years experience in emergency rescue work and only 38 years old. From what I understand, his 38 years were full of wit and humor, giving and receiving, and perseverance. He well knew he was putting his life on the line along with 343 other firefighters who went to help that day. This is a huge amount of loss to deal with in one department, in one single effort.

May his action not go unnoticed and bring awareness to us all, to hold our standards high, so we can do our best to create a positive life, one that is filled with compassion, consideration, love, honor, joy and respect for ourselves and for those we choose to share our experience with. The negative as well as the positive experience is our teacher. Let us learn from then and refine ourselves according to our feelings and allow others to do the same without judgment or conditionality.

The main ingredient in unity is love. Love gives the power to consciousness. Consciousness leads to awakening and understanding. Understanding leads to wisdom. Wisdom leads to fully conscious choices. Fully conscious choices lead to realizing our dreams. This is our responsibility. Let us take a deep breath and demonstrate deliberate purpose in visualizing our dreams, and nourish them with love. Create unity for all.

Dona eis requieum.

Sarah LaQue