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Story last updated at 3:12 PM on Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Support encourages artists

Thank you, Alaska Airlines, for supporting the arts in Homer. Homer Council on the Arts offers monthly gallery performances September through May featuring local and visiting performing artists. Alaska Airlines sponsors these events in order to guarantee a stipend to the artist. HCOA encourages the performing artists to experiment with their art form and stretch themselves in a direction they want to go, taking advantage of the intimate gallery setting and attentive audience. The Alaska Airlines sponsorship makes it possible for the artist to be paid to take this step in their creative process.

This September, Patience Chaitezvi from Zimbabwe played Mbira, surrounded by the Aleut/Alutiiq art of Patrick Lind. She graciously invited our local musicians to join her: Michele Stengar, Patrick Latimer and Stu Schmutzler.In October we will hear George Holly from Kenai, with the Ts'eldahtnu Band blending bluegrass/gospel with the sincerity, beauty and language of the Athabascan soul. November brings our very own Sunrise and Friends.

Thank you, Alaska Airlines, for your support in enriching the lives of our artists and those who have the pleasure to witness.

Gail Edgerly, executive director

Homer Council on the Arts