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Story last updated at 3:12 PM on Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Returning purse right thing to do

On the evening of Sept. 5, my daughter left her purse at the Homer Theater after the last showing. We were concerned, but figured someone would turn it in to the manager. After all, we live in a small community where people watch out for each other. Right? We were wrong.

After placing ads in the Lost and Found sections of the local papers and having an announcement broadcast on KBBI, no one came forward. We even offered an award with the promise that no questions would be asked. Again, silence.

The purse contained not only my daughter's driver's license, school identification card, an opener for my car and several keys, it also contained her red iPod with her name engraved on the back. Finding the owner of the purse would not have been difficult.

The loss has caused us great inconvenience and expense by having to replace certain items. The engraved red iPod was a gift and had sentimental value. To say that we were disappointed that someone chose to keep the purse and its contents is an understatement. Hopefully if someone finds a lost item, they will try to find the owner. It's the right thing to do.

Dolores Holub