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Story last updated at 6:55 PM on Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Reroof the Pratt now

Recently I came across a photo in the Homer News of last year in which a volunteer was removing the rotted over-hanging roof from the Pratt Museum. I have just recently been talking with this same volunteer who is today very much discouraged by the fact that the rest of this roof has not been restored and is currently leaking severely. He was discussing the early history of this famous Homer building facts which are currently being at long last written up by two of the Pratts past directors. The original building was designed by a 95-year-old gentleman who lives today in Anchorage whose design was a last-minute submission for funding which was undertaken at the time of statehood in the 1960s.

The undisputable fact is that this present building is historically vital to the story of Homer and its history and that any further delay in providing this needed new roofing for the present building trumps completely any other possible use for the museums present monies.

Reroof the Pratt Museum now.

R.W. Tyler