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Story last updated at 6:57 PM on Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lets hope the music never stops

There have been some really awesome music shows in Homer lately, and recently we were at the Down East Saloon with the Denali Cooks (Alaskas finest). They played for four hours to a dancing crowd. Even though they could have easily played until 4 a.m., their precious time was up at midnight, and they had to leave (by many requests, they played another half hour). They got little rest before the next commitment. People were still coming in the door at 12:30 in the morning, only to hear and dance to the few remaining songs from the live performance. What a show.

Music shows are great all by themselves, but music groups that make your feet tap and your body move with the rhythm (non-stop) are what we all want and need for the winter. Get it every chance you can. Free exercise with a smile. Fall down in glorious exhaustion. (Sorry I said winter.)

What a fun time was had by all, and I would like to thank Kathy and Marlene for making it possible, once again. Like most bars, they support so much good entertainment in Homer. I hear theyve just started, so were all looking forward to the music surprises in store for us this winter. I still cant get over Buffy Sainte-Marie being here this summer. She is truly an icon in the entertainment world. I overheard her say she was totally honored by Homers warm and receptive response to her show this summer. From that show to the Denali Cooks, its been a solid wall of music and dancing in Homer. Homer is filled with music.

I hope the music never stops. I might even lose some weight.

Maka Fairman