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Story last updated at 6:53 PM on Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Group in truth phase of its work

You are cordially invited to attend the next meeting of the Citizens of Alaska Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission. Our meeting will be held at Homer City Hall upstairs conference room on Sept. 25, at 6 p.m.; potluck snacks and $1 to cover room charge. We are in the Truth stage of our work. Thus we invite your stories, both commendations and complaints, about your contact with Homer Police and Alaska State Troopers. We hope to obtain a balanced picture of contacts between citizens and police.

Captain Andy Greenstreet of the Alaska State Troopers attended our June meeting, listened intently to citizens, and gave us the commendations and complaints form of the State of Alaska Office of Professional Standards. He urged citizens to use the form and give the Office of Professional Standards a chance to investigate. He said that it was not the complaint but how the accused officer handles the complaint that reveals character. We are grateful to Captain Greenstreet for his insightful participation.

Homer Police Chief Mark Robl attended our June meeting and similarly urges citizens to use the Homer Police complaint form and give the process a chance. Chief Robl had previously told us that a person who complains in writing to him comes under his protection. Citizens of Alaska told Chief Robl they felt intimidated when they visit the Homer Police station to make a complaint. Chief Robl said he receives one or two written complaints a year, and that he will be interested to see, after a year of this commissions work, if these numbers change.

Since this commission began to meet, Alaskans have been sharing verbal commendations and complaints with us. Increasingly we are amassing a written file. We are in phone contact with offices in Homer, Kenai, Anchorage (the FBI), and the US Department of Justice in Washington. If you have a commendation or complaint, you may contact us by phone at (907) 235-2952, or by email at truthjusticereconciliation@gmail.com. We can mail you a form, or you may obtain forms from Homer Police and Alaska State Trooper posts.

You are cordially invited to attend our Sept. 25 meeting. It promises to be interesting.

Lindianne Sarno, secretary

Citizens of Alaska Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission