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Story last updated at 6:54 PM on Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dont be confused

To loyal Latitude 59 customers,I was just leafing though the paper, seeing whats up. I came across an ad for a coffee shop promoting signature Latitude 59 dressings and sandwiches. I thought to myself, I dont remember selling our menu and recipe book.

When we bought Latitude 59 in 2006, the purchase price included the restaurant name, equipment, menu, recipe book and good will of the owner we purchased from. Wendell fine-tuned, expanded the menu and worked hard to provide quality food at a reasonable price. Latitude 59 was on the market a year and a half before closing last August.

Its not that Wendell wants to deny the greater Homer area the food. Hes all about the food. He was able to offer some menu items at Boardwalk Fish and Chips this summer. We have considered ways to revive the menu and, yes, the cookie, in a different venue, less days a week, and certainly shorter hours.

I was blindsided by the ad. I feel its important for Homer to know Wendells Latitude 59 recipes were not purchased and he is not involved in this coffee shop.

A Heartfelt Thank You to Homer,

Karen Nogle AKA Mrs. Wendell