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Story last updated at 6:52 PM on Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Plastic bag ban right thing to do

I was somewhat amused by Dave Webers letter to editor in the Sept. 13 Homer News. The Homer City Council is an elected body of representatives, chosen by the people, to legislate for the citizens of Homer. Once elected, they face a myriad of issues, some frivolous, some not. I admire this diverse group for tackling an issue that benefits all of us even though a few might be inconvenienced. We are a representative democracy. Perhaps a lesson in civics is required for those who decry the decisions of our elected officials.

Pollution, despite what Mr. Weber may claim, is a real problem. It is a local problem. It is a global problem. He also fails to identify the special interests he cites that the council represents. From my perspective, the council fairly represents a cross section of the local population.

There is no sad part to this story. We all benefit by the responsible action of the council in ensuring that plastic bags can no longer be casually discarded into our environment. The fact that some of our citizens remain selfish enough to jeopardize this progressive and necessary legislation is a testament to a lack of education and understanding of the issues underlying the thoughtful decision and vote of the council members.

I have lived in Homer for 37 years. Mr. Weber claims 20. It makes no difference if I have lived here 50 years or five. The issue remains the same. I applaud the council for the courage to make a decision that may need to be revised and honed, but it is a step in the right direction.

Patricia Jay