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Story last updated at 6:15 PM on Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Homer's Best Bets

After all those big snows last winter you might have thought, OK, did my time, suffered the snow shoveling, I deserve a good summer? Yeah, the Betster thought that, too.


Photographer: McKibben Jackinsky, Homer News

Rootin' for carrots
Paige Haines holds a carrot she harvested from the Paul Banks Elementary School garden as Caitlin Smith watches.

And then we got this fall — technically we're talking late summer, seeing as how fall doesn't start until Saturday. Nature doesn't care how rough we had it last winter. The storms come or they will not. The sun will shine or it will not. As Humphrey Bogart said in Casablanca, "The problems of three people don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world."

Holy Deep Water Dock! Did we get beat up last weekend. That big jack-up rig shrunk a few feet and put legs down. Even the brave basket makers called it quits on Sunday and disassembled Inspire without benefit of lighting a torch. Hey, but that turned out OK. Mavis Muller and her stalwart art minions put the basket back together, and during a brief respite of non-damp weather, lit her off and liberated hundreds of blessings in a purging of fire Monday.

Apparently, we're going to get crazy weather whether we like it or not. That's just the way the universe works. Nothing we do can stop, slow or turn away the storms. Forces more powerful than you, Grasshopper, move the winds.

Cold, warm, wet, dry, Ma Nature has her own secrets and we just have to roll with her punches. Fear not, because we do get some sunny days, and with weather like this, they're all the more marvelous — and just what we need to get out and enjoy life, perhaps with some of these Best Bets:

BEST AND ROLL 'EM BET: Here's a sign of fall, but a good one: the annual Homer Theatre Documentary Film Festival, also known as Doc Fest. The doctor will be bringing the cure for those rainy day blues, a solid week of this year's best documentary films. Attend opening night today with a barbecue dinner at 6 p.m. followed by "Marley" at 7:30 p.m., about reggae legend Bob Marley. Stick around for a concert after the show with local reggae band Uplift. Admission with dinner is $15 adults, $10 for discounts, or buy a $50 festival pass for the gala opening and the rest of the films.

BEST ONE MORE DOC BET: Another doc event today comes to you courtesy of the stitch 'em up kind, Dr. Greg Hough, a general surgeon at South Peninsula Hospital. Doc Hough learned his skill the hard way as a trauma surgeon for the U.S. Air Force in Afghanistan, the Philippines and Indonesia. He shares his experience in a slide talk at 6 p.m. today at Alaska Islands and Ocean Visitor Center.

BEST PLAY HARD BET: Admit it — you miss your friends from the big Homer Playground Project Build Week last spring. Go back to work and spruce up the Karen Hornaday Park playground with a HoPP Work Party from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday. They ought to call it a Play Party, though, because the Build Week was so much fun. Bring gloves, rakes and wheelbarrows if you have them. Food is provided at lunch.

BEST IT AIN'T OVER BET: Alaska golfers won't quit playing until the snow covers the greens 6-foot deep. Well, they're not that bad, but there is still golf going on, like the Rounds for the Rink Golf Tournament on Saturday at Shoreline Golf, Mile 6 East End Road. Sign up starts at 9 a.m. and golfing starts at 10 a.m. The fee is $40 and includes green fees, food and beverages and benefits the Kevin Bell Ice Arena and the Homer Hockey Association.