Story last updated at 12:55 p.m. Thursday, September 19, 2002

Learning the lingo
photo: news

  Photo by Sepp Jannotta, Homer News
Skateboarder Matt Kinney, 13, "ollies" at the edge of the gap at the new skate park near the Boys and Girls Club in Homer.  
If you have a baggy enough wardrobe to inconspicuously blend into the scene at Homer's new skate park, you won't get far if you don't have a few simple terms under your belt. It wouldn't do at all to look bewildered when a youngster rolls past you and says: "Let's see you rip that, you poser!"

* Air
-- Ride a skateboard into the air, land it, and continue on

* Bail
-- An intentional fall to avoid a potential slam

* Backside
-- The direction of a turn on an incline, meaning the backside of the body is facing the wall

* Coping
-- The material on the lip of a ramp used to grind, slide or bump

* Fakie
-- Going backwards

* Grind
-- A trick done on any sharp lip where the truck comes in contact with the edge of the ramp

* Manual
-- Balancing while riding a skateboard on two wheels

* Ollie
-- The basis for most skateboard tricks. The back foot smacks the tail of the board against the ground while the front foot pulls the board up into the air

* Phat
-- See "rad"

* Pivot
-- A trick where the truck touches the top of the lip, or coping, for just a moment before re-entry

* Poser
-- A pretender

* Rad
-- Cool

* Ripper
-- A really good and consistent skater

* Sick
-- Cool

* Slam
-- A bad unexpected fall, bruises are likely

* Sweet
-- Cool

* Tight
-- Cool