Story last updated at 12:44 p.m. Thursday, September 19, 2002

Primary system needs changing
Did you vote in the primary election? If you did, you said to the Democratic and Republican parties that it is OK by you for them to take your constitutional rights away from you. You do have a right to vote for whomever you choose. How many of you did not get that privilege?

First, they came out with a color code. "No one will know which party you are voting for," they said. Then our phones began to ring, "now that you are in our party." Sure, the people are stupid; no one will ever know. Or maybe they thought all people were color blind. Then, you must register for a certain party six weeks before the election or you cannot vote. Does that remind you of China, or what? Maybe Nazism?

What's next? Are they going to set up a state church and tell us that we all have to worship there and no place else? That is why our ancestors left their homes and came to America, isn't it? They wanted freedom to think and worship as they felt they should, not be told how they must think or who they must like or dislike.

I love this great country of America and all the freedoms we have, and I feel very strongly when I see parties trying to take our freedoms away from us.

It's time the party leaders understand that we will support them as long as they do not cross the line from freedom to dictatorship. When they do, we will no longer support them. Therefore, in the general election I will not vote for a Democrat or a Republican. They are the ones who started this, and they need to know we won't stand for it. I will be sorry to see some in office that I really would rather not have there, but that is better for a while than losing our freedoms.

You have not heard the end of this from me, unless I hear in the news and read in the paper that we will once again have the freedom to vote for the person we feel is best suited for the position they are running for in the primary elections.

I am not a party person and never will be. I do hope that all the voters will decide to do the same.

Florence Dilallo