Story last updated at 1:09 p.m. Thursday, September 19, 2002

Northwest environment offers musical inspiration
by Carey James
Staff Writer

Like many artists, Scott Cossu draws from his natural surroundings.

Scott Cossu, pianist; Ann Lindquist, flutist

Where: Bunnell Street Gallery

When: Saturday, 7:30 p.m.

Tickets: $16 general admission, $15 for seniors and students, $14 for gallery members.

More Info: 235-2662,

But rather than painting a picture, Cossu turns his feelings for the environment into music.

"Having lived in the Northwest for most of my life, it has come to be more than just a home," Cossu writes in the liner notes of his latest CD, "Emerald Pathways." "Here is where my family grows, where I compose and spend time with friends. In the mountains, along the waters, and in the mossy forest, I seek out solitude and comfort and renew my spirit."

Cossu's musical ramblings, which most recently made a jump from Latin rhythms and world beat to chamber music with a hint of jazz, can be heard in a variety of locations other than his CD. In addition to radio play, Cossu has composed recordings to accompany the PBS documentary and nature series, "Nova." His music also has provided the backdrop to motion pictures and advertisements (including Volkswagen and the Department of Ecology). When filmers began a documentary on an avant-garde artist, Cossu signed up.

"The film was especially exciting because of the subject, the Bulgarian environmental artist Christo, who is best known for wrapping the 'Pont Neuf,' the oldest bridge in Paris, and surrounding a group of islands in Florida's Biscayne Bay with pink fabric," he said.

In his more recent music, Cossu has focused on a modern interpretation of classical scores.

"All of these genres have been part of my recording and used in concert since the 70s. With the new millennium here, and our world in a new awareness since Sept. 11, something to soothe the heart and soul seemed to be my best offering," he said.

Cossu will be joined by flutist Ann Lindquist, who has been performing for 30 years, playing bass, concert and alto flute. Lindquist performs on Cossu's latest album and has been producing music with him for four years.

For more information about the concert, call the gallery at 235-2662.

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